When you play the game of thrones there is no middle ground: you win, or you die. With a king in each corner of the map, or so it feels, allegiances are rapidly being made and broken, and friends turn to enemies without a second thought.

With the Baratheon brothers having turned on each other, and the wolves at war with both the lions and the krakens, Westeros is torn apart by war. Even beyond the Wall things are not peaceful, with an even bigger threat looming unchallenged as of yet that has the potential to cause more damage and chaos than any king or queen: the White Walkers.

Across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys Targaryen - the Queen Unburnt - is quickly becoming a name on everyone's tongue, and her dragons are quickly gaining her recognition and reverence. How long will it be before she turns her sights on King's Landing and yet another banner is added into the War of the Five Kings?

Welcome to TNR, a mature, advanced Game of Thrones rpg site based upon both the books and the TV show. We encourage you to take up a canon upon joining, however OCs are also very welcome. We look forward to meeting you, and hope you will consider joining us.


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No New Posts The Basics
everything you need to know about joining and playing on tnr can be found here, including our mandatory read: the rules. the rulesthe plot

3 0 Jun 8 2014, 01:51 PM
In: Regarding Aus
By: Chord
No New Posts Updates
any updates or announcements will be posted here. they're pretty important, so give them a read if and when they are put up. any activity checks and otms will also be posted here, and there is a board for posting your absence notices if you're going to be going away for a wee bit too. absences

Subforums: Absences

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No New Posts Questions and Suggestions
if you have any questions or suggestions or just feedback in general, this is the place to do it. don't be shy! you can also find our faq here: please read through that first if you're confused about something before posting a question.

guest friendly.

2 0 Sep 12 2013, 01:14 PM
In: Faq
By: Chord

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No New Posts Applying
here is where to post your character apps when you sign up. you will also find our face claims, canon list and application forms. please don't make any ic posts until your app has been accepted. the admins are normally hot on the ball with accepting characters, so you shouldn't have to wait long. claimstraditional appfreeform apppending

Subforums: Pending Applications, Claims and Canons

6 14 Aug 12 2015, 05:06 AM
In: Traditional App
By: Nathanial_Price
No New Posts The Directory
once your application has been accepted it will be moved here.

9 1 Jan 9 2014, 01:48 AM
In: Robb Stark
By: Chord
No New Posts Plotting
for all your plotting and shipping needs. our wanted ads are also located here. plot pageswanted ads

Subforums: Plot Pages, Wanted

10 59 Jan 13 2014, 02:29 AM
In: The Young Wolf
By: Robb Stark
No New Posts Extras
other character and thread related things. letters can be sent back and forth in the rookery subforum. thread trackingthe rookery

Subforums: Thread Tracking, The Rookery

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In: Property Of Chord
By: Chord

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No New Posts North of the Wall
further past the region of the north is the the frozen wasteland inhabited by wildlings and other entities that have become little more than features in children’s stories now. the lands are primarily uncharted and wild with an unforgiving and bitter climate, and no roads to make travel easy. the other common residents besides the free folk, the night’s watchmen, occupy the wall, a 700 foot tall ice wall that stretches for well over 300 miles, and cuts off the north from the barely habitable snow plains of the landscape beyond. the free folk and night’s watch are frequently at each others' throats.
the wallbeyond the wallthe neckbear islandthe dreadfort

Subforums: The Wall, Beyond The Wall

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No New Posts The North
the region of the north spans from south of the wall to north of the neck, and is the largest of the seven kingdoms. the ruling house of the region is house stark, with their castle winterfell being at the heart of the north. the weather of the north is harsh with snow in all seasons, and the landscape remains largely uncultivated, with the king’s road being the main route of transport through the region. bastards born in the north take the surname ‘snow’.
winterfellwhite harborthe neckbear islandthe dreadfort

Subforums: Winterfell, White Harbor, The Neck, Bear Island, The Dreadfort

3 63 Feb 15 2014, 01:32 AM
In: The Path Leading To The Sev...
By: Lyra Mormont
No New Posts The Riverlands
the riverlands are a populous and fertile region located in the centre of the continent by the river trident. it is run by house tully from riverrun, with the other most notable stronghold of the region being the twins, which are the seat of house frey. as its name would suggest, the riverlands are a region of many rivers, with a landscape also consisting of many plains, forests and hills. trade is very successful in the region, leading it to become quite wealthy. bastards born in the riverlands take the surname ‘rivers’.
riverrunthe twinsseagardharrenhalmaidenpool

Subforums: Riverrun, The Twins, Seagard, Harrenhal, Maidenpool

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No New Posts The Iron Islands
the iron islands are a group of seven islands set apart from the mainland of westeros, near cape kraken. the islands are home to a harsh race of people known as the ironborn, ruled by the elected house of greyjoy from their seat pyke, situated on the island of the same now. the islands are the poorest region of westeros, with little success in agriculture and their mines only producing iron. bastards born in the iron islands take the surname ‘pyke’.
pykeharlawsaltcliffegreat wykold wykorkmontblacktyde

Subforums: Pyke, Harlaw, Saltcliffe, Great Wyk, Old Wyk, Orkmont, Blacktyde

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No New Posts The Vale
the vale or, more formally, the vale of arryn, is located on the eastern shore of westeros. it is a tranquil land with rich soil and abundant rivers and lakes, all surrounded and protected by a mountain range. the vale suffers from harsh winters, and is largely isolated from the rest of the seven regions. the ruling house of the region is house arryn, with their seat the eyrie. the vale is also home to several mountain clans. bastards born in the vale take the surname ‘stone’.
the eyriegulltownthe fingersthe mountains of the moon

Subforums: The Eyrie, Gulltown, The Fingers, The Mountains of the Moon

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No New Posts The Reach
the reach is the second largest region of westeros, consisting of a vast amount of the most fertile land on the continent as well as numerous well-populated settlements, including the oldest city in westeros; oldtown. the reach is easily accessible with two major roads leading into it – the roseroad and the ocean road – and the region also encompasses several off-shore islands within it also. the ruling house of the region is house tyrell, which operate from their seat highgarden. bastards born in the reach take the surname ‘flowers’.

Subforums: Ashford, Highgarden, Oldtown

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No New Posts The Crownlands
neighboured by the vale, the reach, the riverlands and the stormlands lies the crownlands, which is home to king’s landing, and a region ruled directly by the person seated on the iron throne. located in the middle part of westeros the crownlands have a temperate climate, and their landscape consists mainly of flatlands. the largest populace and harbour can be found in the crownlands and virtually every craft and trade is practiced within king’s landing, and certainly within the region. bastards born in the crownlands take the surname ‘waters’.
king's landingthe kingswoodduskendaledragonstonerosby

Subforums: Rosby, Duskendale, Dragonstone, The Kingswood, King's Landing

1 6 Dec 6 2013, 05:20 AM
In: Let Me Touch Your Heart
By: Ilyse
No New Posts The Stormlands
located south of the crownlands and stretching down to the sea of dorne lie the stormlands. this region is one of the smaller ones, and has a landscape consisting predominantly of mountains, stony shores and forests. it also includes islands such as tarth and estermont within it too. the baratheons are the ruling house of the region, with their seat of storm’s end. bastards born in the region take the surname ‘storm’.
storm's endrainwoodtarthdornish marches

Subforums: Storm's End, Tarth, Dornish Marches, Rainwood

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No New Posts The Westerlands
to the west of the riverlands and north of the reach are the westerlands, ruled by house lannister of casterly rock. though it is a small region, it hosts some of the wealthiest gold and silver mines on the continent, making this region the richest in westeros despite it not being as popular, fertile or large as the others. set aside from its mines, the landscape of the westerlands is predominantly hills and mountains, with coasts bordering the sunset sea and ironman’s bay. bastards born in the region take the surname ‘hill’.
casterly rocklannisportthe golden toothpinkmaidenfair isle

Subforums: Casterly Rock, Lannisport, Fair Isle, The Golden Tooth, Pinkmaiden

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No New Posts Dorne
the southernmost region of westeros is dorne, stretching from the red mountains of the dornish marches down to the southern coast. the region boasts a climate that is the hottest in all the continent, and the only desert in westeros can be found here. the people of the region, the dornish, are set apart from the rest of westeros both culturally and ethnically, including styling the members of their ruling house as princes and princesses. the head house of dorne is house martell, who rule from their seat sunspear. bastards born in the region take the surname ‘sand’.
sunspearstarfallyronwoodplanky town

Subforums: Sunspear, Starfall, Yronwood, Planky Town

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No New Posts Essos
the large continent to the east of westeros is known as essos, though less formally is also called the eastern continent, beyond the narrow sea or simply east. the continent consists of many culturally and ethnically diverse regions which include the free cities, the dothraki sea, the shivering sea, the valyrian peninsula, slaver's bay and ghiscar, lhazar, qarth and eastern essos. winters affect the continent far less than westeros, and the climate varies from temperate in the north to arid in the south, with grasslands, rolling hills and deserts being the most notable features of the landscape.
qarthvalyriaslaver's baythe free citiesthe dothraki sea

Subforums: Qarth, Valyria, Slaver's Bay, The Free Cities, The Dothraki Sea

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No New Posts The Past
any threads set before the current date on our board can be played out here. characters that have died during roleplay are more than welcome to be used in this board if you so wish.

4 73 Apr 22 2014, 03:19 AM
In: Keeping Up With The Mormonts
By: Lyra Mormont
No New Posts The Dreams
dreams, huh? everyone's had one once upon a time, and some can be considered rather important. if you wish to thread out one of your character's dreams they this is the place to do so.

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No New Posts The Alternate Universe
any plots and threads that are completely different from how things play out in canon on the rest of the board can be played out here. how things would have ended had a couple stayed together, or a battle had been lost rather than won, or a person had lived rather than died - if you can dream it up, you can play it. it will not affect the current going-ons in play.

6 47 Jun 26 2014, 08:22 AM
In: Show Me Your Teeth
By: Theon Greyjoy
No New Posts Events
any time the site hosts an ic event, threads relating to the event can be posted here and action can be played out. information on the latest event can be found in an announcement post across the site, and also pinned at the top of this forum. enjoy!

2 17 Nov 2 2013, 10:01 PM
In: Main Event: Harvest Masque...
By: Sansa Stark

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No New Posts Adverts
please post your adverts in the appropriate subforums here. this is the only place where advertising is permitted on the board. first linkslink backour ad

Subforums: First Links, Link Back

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In: Cirque De La Lune
By: Cherry
No New Posts Affiliates


13 11 Jul 2 2014, 11:54 PM
In: Cs 1.6 Steam The Orange Box...
By: lucjilli
No New Posts OOC Shenanigans
the place for all of your out of character chit chat and games. there is also a subforum for graphics if you wish to showcase your graphics or art, or request something be made for you.

Subforums: Graphics

2 1 Sep 24 2013, 08:51 PM
In: Ooc: Harvest Masquerade
By: Erysa
No New Posts The Archives
any dead threads and deceased or inactive characters will be moved here and sorted into the appropriate subforums. they are here as a read only - however if you see your character application or your threads here and wish to have them moved back on board, just pm an admin and we shall do so for you. thread archivescharacter archivesdeceased characters

Subforums: Thread Archives, Character Archives, Deceased Characters

92 392 Jun 26 2014, 09:47 PM
In: New Faces, Bad Blood
By: Chord

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